Season 1 – Episode 6:

Zaheer and Zainub confront each other. Zaheer is furious with Zainub. What will he say to her and what will she reply? Zaheer and Yusuf go to Ismaeel’s house only to be shocked at what they witness. What is it that they witness?


Season 1 – Episode 5:

The door bell rings and Asmaa opens the door. She stares in shock. Who came knocking at their door and why is Asmaa shocked? Zainub’s secret and her nature is going to be revealed. What is this secret and how will this affect things between Zaheer and Zainub?


Season 1 – Episode 4:

Ismaeel saw his dad dancing with another girl. He leaves and goes home telling his mother about what he saw. His mother informs him about a dark family secret that his dad holds over his mum and the reason why she cannot leave her marriage. What is this dark secret and why is it stopping his mum from leaving?


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