About this series

Zaheer, a young teenage boy who is still in school lives a very modern lifestyle. He comes from a rich background and is constantly living in the spotlight. Thanks to a Maulana who has knowledge, wisdom and patience, stands by the side of Zaheer guiding him to become a better Muslim and a soon to be Haafiz which also has an impact on his family, friends and society. Follow him in his journey as he goes through trials and tribulations while traveling on the road to become a better person and a better Muslim.

Disclaimer: This series is a fictional story and not based on any individuals’ life. This series is for entertainment purposes only. No part of this series may be copied or distributed without the consent of Al- Islam 24 however the link to this series may be distributed freely. There is no intention whatsoever to offend any Individual/group/sect/religion by the creation of this series. Al- Islam 24 reserves the right to remove any unwanted comments posted on this blog. No advertisements of any kind may be posted on this blog without the consent of Al- Islam 24.


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